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Who We Are


Homeschooling Background: Homeschooled for 9 years, and am now homeschooling my own.

Favorite curriculum: I like different curricula for different children, for different purposes, situations, and reasons.

Favorite Aspect of Homeschooling: Flexibility, and the ability to customize a program to the needs & best advantage for each individual child.

Favorite Food: Frozen Chai Cheesecake covered in white chocolate & raspberry drizzle

A Word From Amber: Working and being a homeschool mom simultaneously is a tremendously exhausting but rewarding task. It is not something I would recommend for people to try, but for those like me who are in a situation where it is necessary, keep it up, it is possible, and yes, your kids are going to turn out fine!


Brenda and Gary

Homeschooling Background: Gary & I home educated our 3 children for 15 years. And now we are a small part of home educating the grand kids!

Favorite curriculum: You want me to choose one? That is very tough. Five in a Row has been a definite favorite.  I love the results we got from Saxon Math. WriteShop is incredible for getting teens comfortable with writing. Rosetta Stone is the language program that has all the features I was looking for for years. I like anything that fits into a Charlotte Mason approach in education. That would include the many historical fiction and biography titles we carry. I am looking forward to the new economics / money course by Dave Ramsay. We get new items in every day, so every day I add to my favorites list!

Favorite Aspect of Homeschooling: I truly enjoyed being with my kids during the years we home educated, and I still do. It is a lifestyle completely different from having your kids in school. We still enjoy the flexibility it allows us to spend time with the grand kids. In my experience, home school children do very well academically – so that was an added benefit. It also allowed our children to follow some of their interests, such as sports or computers.

Favorite Food: Fresh fruit –  summer strawberries, garden picked raspberries, kiwi, fresh pineapple, crisp fall apples, summer blueberries. Whole grains – fresh baked breads are so good!


Homeschooling Background: I homeschooled two children. I homeschooled our daughter from grade 3 through grade 9, and our son from grade 1 through grade 12.

Favorite curriculum: My favorite curriculum would have to be Saxon Math, Considering God’s Creation (Science) and Apologia Biology.

Favorite Aspect of Homeschooling: I loved being at home with my children watching them grow in maturity and experiencing learning in a style that suited each of their personalities. We were able to achieve more in less time and therefore had more time to enjoy each other in fun activities.

Favorite Food: My favorite food is hard to pin down. I love to cook and try new recipes. Right now Thai food is high on the list. But if you are asking my all time fave it would have to be crab.

A Word From BJ: I miss homeschooling and reading to my kids. I look forward to the day when I’m a grandma and can once again read all those wonderful books to my grandkids.



Homeschooling Background: I was a homeschool student from Kindergarten to Graduation.

Favorite curriculum: Life of Fred, because the author is able to make math applicable and funny. It is a narrative math program that is entertaining.

Favorite Aspect of Homeschooling: I like the fact that parents are able to help their kids grow up during the most “impressionable” time of their lives. It is also awesome to have an education based on your specific interests, learning style and lifelong goals.

Favorite Food: Lasagna is delicious, but so is pizza. Does coffee count?




Homeschooling Background: I’ve been homeschooling my 3 girls since 1996 and have really enjoyed my time as a Homeschool Mom. Laura (see above) is my oldest, Anna is in Grade 12 this year, and Emily is in Grade 9. 

Favorite curriculum: This year we have discovered the Omnibus program from Veritas Press. It is a classical History program using many original works while including some essay writing and narration.

Favorite Aspect of Homeschooling: I absolutely love spending time with my kids and I see so many benefits in their sibling relationships as they have truly grown up together. Our family connections are strong as we have had the ability to instill our family values deeply into our kids’ hearts.

Favorite Food: Yes! Food is definitely a favourite!

A Word From Lisa: I feel blessed to have the opportunity and the freedom to home educate my children. If you are considering home education, or are feeling discouraged, re-evaluate the reasons for your decision and be enthusiastic about following your plan… there are so many rewards along the journey!




Homeschooling Background: Liz has no homeschooling experience, except for what she has learned in her two years with the business, and has been elected an “honorary homeschooler” by her workmates.

Favorite curriculum: Rosetta Stone – it allows a student to develop strong conversational skills in a foreign language. Ooh la la!

Favorite Aspect of Homeschooling: Liz loves the idea of having children growing up and engaging in conversations and day-to-day life with fully-developed parents or guardians, instead of being shaped by peers of equal ages who are also struggling with their identity.

Favorite Food: Liz’s favourite food is perogies. Or maybe chili. No, change that to pickles. But yogurt is pretty awesome… Okay, all food is favourited except for olives or cooked pineapple (fresh is okay).

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