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Staff Picks for March – Liz

The Complete Superfoods Cookbook

With spring cleaning around the corner, it can be really hard to get out of the sluggish winter-mode. That’s why this book is the perfect pick-me-up: it has recipes to revitalize and energize!

Most recipe books are sectioned by appetizers, main courses, and desserts. This particular one is sorted by energy, circulation, positive thinking and more. Stuffed with over 200 recipes, this book outlines a Welsh rarebit to energize, a salad to maximize your immunities, and even a drink to help reduce the pain of menstrual cramps*. Every recipe has a blurb on why it’s beneficial to your body, so you can learn a thing or two about what you’re ingesting.

*Note to husbands: if you are allergic to giving back massages, you can always mix this drink for brownie points.

The Official Book of Homeschooling Cartoons

In need of a smile? Whether you’re a seasoned homeschooling parent, an overwhelmed noob, or a homeschooled teen ready for a chuckle at your parent’s expense (a respectful chuckle, of course), then this book is for you.

Sketch Books

We have big ones and small ones. Coil-bound, and sewn-bound. All are hardcover, and great for a variety of activities: anything from nature studies (sketch a wildflower or squirrel), to field trips (draw a cartoon of the people standing in line at the grocery store), to art class.

Operation World

This is a great resource to reference after watching a movie, reading a book, or to accompany a more secular-based program. With a chapter on every country in the world, this book will go over demographics, statistics, economics, politics, society, population, and more. How should you be praying for a specific country? This book will give you an idea.


Psst! Painted Lady Butterflies are back at CHER.

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