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About CHER

Gary and Brenda Baradoy began their involvement in home schooling 1986 when their first child was ready- or rather, not ready to go to kindergarten. They kept him home and planned to take it one year at a time to determine whether or not it was right for them and whether to continue. Brenda was soon a staunch supporter and became heavily involved in the movement, eventually teaching all three of their children at home. She was a co-founder of the Calgary support group-CHEERS and organized many special events and programs for home educators. Gary also served on the executive of the Christian support group- CCHEA.

In 1993, having recognized the need in the growing home schooling community for a supplier of educational materials, and with the idea to be a part time endeavor for a little extra income, they stocked about three bookcases in their dining room, sent out a one page list of materials in stock, and C.H.E.R. was born.

Fourteen years later they are now both full time(and a half) in the business with four full time and four part time wonderful employees operating out of a 3000 sq. ft. facility with a mailing list of thousands across the country.

They are now very proud grandparents of two from their daughter, Amber, who works part time in the business managing the accounting side of things, and two grandchildren from their son Christopher.

Their eldest son has completed his Master’s Degree at Queens and is running his own business, while the youngest is still attending University. Both boys help out at CHER occasionally.

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