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Calgary Support Groups

July 5, 2011

Not from Calgary? Don’t be afraid to use the phonebook and internet to find support groups in your area.

If you’re part of a support group that isn’t listed here, please let us know so we can add your group and let others know!

Foothills Christian Homeschool Association

“Our purpose is to be a source of encouragement, friendship, and support to one another in our homeschooling journey. Although we find an intimate level of community through our Christian faith, anyone interested in homeschooling is welcome to join us. We always encourage people to get a babysitter for the kids and make this an evening to refresh your spirit and experience genuine fellowship with other homeschooling parents.”

See their website for more information.

Calgary Christian Homeschoolers

This is a group for Christian parents from in and around Calgary who want to support and pray for each other and discuss issues that relate to Christian Homeschooling.

See their website for more information.

Alberta Highschool Homeschoolers

“For parents of Alberta highschool homeschoolers (teens are welcome too, of course!). We will discuss the special challenges of homeschooling through the highschool years.”

See their website  or for more information.

Calgary Homeschool Teens

Meant for homeschooled teens, ages 12 and up, to plan field trips, activities, chat, and more. Parents are welcome to join, to offer ideas, support, and opportunities.

See their website for more information.

Calgary Homeschoolers United

“Our goal is to unite homeschoolers of Calgary and surrounding area and our mission is to have fun together by sharing thoughts, ideas and opportunities in an open forum setting where we stand united and open the doors to opportunities one step at a time!”

See their website for more information.

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