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Geography by Age and Learning Style

May 10, 2011

Looking for a complete geography program? Here are a few suggestions:

Runkles Geography – Grades 6-12

Perfect for the busy parent who has little to no time for prep work. Discover the physical geography of the world continent by continent.

Great for parents/students who are:
  • Into the workbook-style approach

Hungry Planet – All Ages

The main idea behind this book is food consumption in various parts of the world (did you know there isn’t a single McDonald’s in Greenland?). But the chapters also discuss various geographical facts. This book is purely secular, so if you’re wanting to take on a biblical viewpoint, we recommend combining it with Operation World.

Great for parents/students who are:
  • Into unit studies

Around the World in 180 Days – Grades K-12

This program covers geography, history, religion, culture, key people, and current events & issues. This is family friendly, as it is a multi-age program; if you have children of varying ages, then you may want to take a closer look at this program.

Great for parents/students who are:
  • Into unit studies

Canada, My Country – Grades 1-3

This book goes over physical geography. Only one book is needed per family/classroom, as it includes reproducible pages. This softcover item covers subjects such as political & physical maps, symbols of Canada, the Canadian government, our Canadian freedoms, and outstanding Canadians.

Great for parents/students who are:

Geography: Province to Province – Grades 4-8

This book covers human geography. You and your child(ren) will learn about the country’s economy, and some cultural information about each province and territory. Find out about the Alberta flower, the Ontario shield, the New Brunswick bird, and more.

Great for parents/students who are:


For those who are interested in just maps:

World Maps CD – All Ages

You can print out new maps again and again and again! This learning tool has over 130 PDF pages of world maps, which is perfect to help determine locations of countries, cities, landforms, rivers, and bodies of water in  relation to the world around you.

Great for parents/students who are:
  • Into the hands-on approach

Geography Coloring Book – Grades 6+

Are you serious about geography?… or coloring? This is stuffed with maps and information. Be sure to see our website to get a hint of what this book covers.

Great for parents/students who are:
  • Into the workbook-style approach

World Reference Maps & Forms – Grades 3-6

This resource includes teacher resource pages, reproducible maps and globes, map transparencies, glossary of geography terms, and answer keys. And all you need is a few minutes a day.

Great for parents/students who are:
  • Into the workbook-style approach

Outline Maps of the World – Grades 1-8

Over 50 reproducible maps, with illustrations of world continents, countries, and bodies of water.

Great for parents/students who are:
  • Into the workbook-style approach

Map Trek – Grades 1-12

With accurate maps that show the world then and now, this resource also contains lesson plans for grades 1 to 12, and a CD-ROM with reproducible student maps and pages.

Great for parents/students who are:
  • Into the hands-on approach


For the hands-0n learner in the house:

PuzzleBall – Ages 6+

Have you seen these?! Perfectly curved so you can make your own globe out of puzzle pieces! No glue necessary – unless you want that thing permanently displayed 😉

Professor Noggin’s: Geography of Canada – Ages 7+

What do you know about the largest North American coutry? This game encourages kids to learn interesting facts about the physical geography of Canada. Contains trivia, multiple choice, and true or false.

GeoPuzzle – Ages 4+

Put together a puzzle of North America, South Africa, or the world.

10 Days – Ages 10+

Travel across the US, Africa, Europe, or the Americas. One of our homeschooling moms has had her children combine the four games! Sounds tricky (and time-consuming), but they say they had good time doing it.

Geosafari Talking Globe – Ages 8+

It’s a globe that talks. Need I say more? (If yes, please click the picture for more information.)



Great for visual and hands-on learners (especially if you’re cutting & pasting your own timeline) and for people of all ages, timelines are quite often under-appreciated. They have the ability to take all the information you have bouncing around in your brain, and line it up into perfect sense. There is a reason “logic” is in the word “chronological”.

History Through the Ages

A wall chart with important figures and symbols from our past. Try combining it with the History Through the Ages Record of Time.

Adams’ SynChronological Chart of History

Wonders of Old

With dates pre-marked from 5000BC to the present, this blank timeline (available as a hardcover book or CD-ROM) will allow your student to gain a better understanding of history.

Timeline of …

Four separate 10 foot timelines, covering ancient, medieval, new world, and modern history. Each category has over 125 timeline stickers included.


All of the above items can be found at Please note that we have more geography, map, and timeline resources available.

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