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Do Homeschooled Kids Have Friends?

April 7, 2011

One of the top myths about homeschoolers is that they are not socialized properly. People think that because they don’t spend all day with their peers, they are missing the opportunity to relate in the real world. It’s true that homeschooled children don’t often spend their entire day, all day with children of the same age, but it doesn’t always mean that they aren’t socialized.

The Broader Picture of Socialization

It has been my experience that homeschoolers are able to socialize on a broader scale than other kids. They are quite at ease to strike up a conversation with an adult, play with children younger than themselves or befriend an elder. Because the large part of their day is spent with an adult (Mom or Dad), I have also found them to have increased vocabulary, sharper wit and a better understanding of the adult world. When homeschoolers do have friends that are their own age, their friendships are usually of high value because time spent with their friends is usually one-on-one. Often homeschooled students need to work to build their own friendships, which can make them seem more genuine.

Where to find friends

Because homeschoolers aren’t around children their own age every day, there is a bit of extra work involved for the parents and students to seek out good friends.

Common places homeschoolers find friends are:

– Church

– Youth Group

– Community Events (ex. Girl Guides, Scouts, Cadets etc.)

– Neighbourhood

– Sports

– Field Trips

– Homeschool Workshops

– Play dates (Moms getting together)

-Online support groups (like Yahoo or Google groups)

-School board organized activities

Once these friendships are made, they can be cultivated by play days, bible studies, mutual workshops and classes, sleepovers, etc.

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