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eBooks by the Thousands!

March 3, 2011

As an eclectic home educator I get excited when I find exactly the right material to teach a student at the right time. The perfect find could be a well written historical fiction; a quality, fun, educational game; timely manipulatives with a comprehensive math program; or a quality workbook . Workbooks can be great to: help teach a particular concept; meet requirements for your school division; supply independent work for a student; cover material you may not be familiar with; or just for fun. Some of our children truly enjoy working in workbooks. Others do so grudgingly. Today I want to look at some of the amazing alternatives to the familiar workbook format available for home school families.

CD ROMs with a Difference

Switched On Schoolhouse

Switched On Schoolhouse

CHER (Canadian Home Education Resources) has carried quality workbooks from the beginning. And we are always on the lookout for effective ways to present educational material to the student and parent. Alpha Omega Christian Curriculum developed their computer based Switched on Schoolhouse CD ROM series from their tried and true LifePacs series. Designed for the 5 core subjects in grades 3 through 12 (Bible, Language Arts, Math, Science and History & Geography),  Alpha Omega’s Switched On Schoolhouse CD ROMs incorporate the original text plus video clips, games, animation, and multimedia as well as easy marking and record keeping for parents. This is definitely taking workbooks to a new level.

eBook & Video Delivery Make for Excellent Instruction

How to Write Excellent Essays

How to Write Excellent Essays

This year, CHER is introducing the new downloadable PDF book and video series How to Write Excellent Essays in 7 Easy Steps. Written by Canadian Bryan Rempel, collaboration with Dr. J. B. Webster Ph.D., this comprehensive writing course is available in an entirely downloadable format that includes the entire book in PDF format, plus nearly 7 hours of video instruction to guide your grade 7 to 12 student through “How to Write Excellent Essays…” right on your computer. You can order it today and have it on your computer tonight! Check out the samples online.

eBooks by the Thousands

Giant Science Resource Book

Giant Science Resource Book

CHER has stocked the Evan-Moor Educational Publishers workbooks and resources for many years. Their quality workbooks have provided additional instruction in the areas of Language Arts, Math, Science and History & Geography and are still available though CHER in paper format workbooks. Now they are also available online through CHER as eBooks. While I love having a book in my hand, there are times when I need a workbook and I need it now. Ordering on is the fastest way to get a paper book, but if there are backorders you have to wait for the publisher , the shipping company & CHER to get it to you. Sometimes you just need to have the pages of a workbook right now. CHER has added a link to Canadian Home Education Resources eBooks where you will find 220 suppliers of downloadable eBooks including Evan-Moor, Scholastic, S&S Learning (Canadian) and Teacher Created Resources. This secure website is hosted and stocked by a third party. We are unable to add eyeglasses to items. Your order will be delivered right away via email – with no shipping & handling charges to worry about!

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