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The Amazing Staff at CHER

February 8, 2011

I don’t mean to brag, but here at CHER we have an awesome team of staff. (Well, OK, maybe I do mean to brag a little). We have moms who have homeschooled, and who are homeschooling now. We have staff that have been homeschooled – whether they graduated from homeschooling, or transitioned to the public system after a lengthy homeschool career. We also have those who have never homeschooled, but are amazed when they learn about all the possibilities, and excited to pass that knowledge on. When you call or email CHER, we are confident that you are in excellent hands, no matter who you get on the other end.

With the excellent people that we have, it is always hard to see people go. While it is difficult for us to lose such quality people, we often rejoice with them as they move into another season of life. The common reason to see people go is for family. Starting a family, or following the need to be home more with their children is hardly something to weep over. Brenda says “When we lose people, it is a success, because we are here for families, and when people leave it is for the very reasons that we promote.”

It is also not uncommon to see staff return after a season. Once their children are more independent, or perhaps have graduated from homeshooling altogether, we will often see faces return. We have recently welcomed back BJ, who had left us several years ago. I can also think of one past employee whom we have hired three times, and hope to see again sometime in the future.

As I reminisce, I am reminded of our current need for another quality person to join us for a new season in their life. Possibly a homeschool mother who is looking for a little extra income, and can spare a couple days a week. Perhaps a homeschool graduate, or an almost graduate, who is looking for some work experience as they finish their studies and plan for their next step. Or perhaps a homeschool parent alumni who wants to stay connected to the homeschool community now that their own children have embarked on a new adventure. Regardless of situation, anyone who is enthusiastic about homeschooling,  and has a desire to share that enthusiasm within the homeschool community, would be encouraged to consider a position with CHER.

I wish that we could offer this position to anyone, anywhere, as there are so many quality people across this country of ours. Unfortunately, the position that we have available is for help in-store at our SE Calgary showroom & warehouse. We do occasionally need help at the various regional conferences though, so if you have the interest and are in a location where we will be attending, send us a note! If you are in the Calgary area, and you would enjoy being part of our team, email me at If you know someone in our area who you think could be inspirational to other homeschoolers, send them our way!

For those of  you who can not be a part of our team, I pray that you will continue to be encouraged in all of your homeschooling endeavors, and that we can be a small part of that encouragement!

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