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A Funny Math Program?

March 28, 2010

Have you heard about Life of Fred math? It is absolutely my FAVOURITE math curriculum on the market today… and my kids would agree with me! Almost every day my teen girls tell me all about Fred’s math/life adventures and then we have opportunity to further discuss the math concepts they have learned. I am excited to see them progress in their math skills as we move through the program in the coming years.

This program is meant to begin around Grade 5, once the student is comfortable with addition, subtraction, multiplication and long division. The recommended order of study is:


Decimals & Percents

PreAlgebra 1 w/Biology

Beginning Algebra AND Beginning Algebra Home Companion (as a pair)

Advanced Algebra AND Advanced Algebra Home Companion (as a pair)


Trigonometry AND Trigonometry Home Companion (as a pair)

Calculus (2 years of college calculus)

Statistics (1 year of college statistics)

Linear Algebra (a math course required by most colleges for math majors–upper division level course)

~ Lisa

Here is a review from another homeschool Mom:

My 14 year old son Micah needed something different from his brothers. He is the last of four boys and while he did what was asked in math, he just wasn’t into it. I looked at the curriculum online for about ten months and then just made the leap. He LOVES it. It engages his attention, tickles his very active funny bone and is not overwhelming. It is a dialogue: a conversation between Fred, the instructor and the student…and the immediate application of the concepts is a real treat. He is motivated to do his math, where before LOF he simply endured it. We give LOF two thumbs WAY up.     Juanita (AB)

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